Council Of Higher Secondary Education,



The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur was established in the year 1992 under the provisions of the Manipur Higher Secondary Act, 1992 ( Manipur Act 4 of 1992). Prior to the establishment of the Council, the +2 courses in the state were conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur as Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate course in the Higher Secondary Schools and Pre-University course by the Manipur university in the College.

But, with the establishment of the Council the +2 courses of the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur and Manipur University were taken over and amalgamated into Higher Secondary course under the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur.

The Council conducted the Higher Secondary Examination, 1993 as its first public examination in the state.

Manipur Higher Secondary Education Act, 1992
Gazette Amendment Act, 1995
Gazette 2nd Amendment Act, 2010
Amended Regulation for Recognition 2009

(1) Jurisdiction

Mandate and area of jurisdiction :

The main mandate was to take over the +2 courses separately by the Council from the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur and Manipur University and the area of jurisdiction is the state of Manipur covering the geographical boundaries of the state.

It also covers all the schools/Colleges/Institutions having +2 courses in the state of Manipur. The school/Colleges/ institutions may be any of the categories-Government, Government Aided and Private institutions run by purely private agencies/bodies.

(2) Roles and Functions of the Council

Roles and Functions of the Council :

The main role of the Council is to streamline+2 education in the state of Manipur with a view to train and nurture capable individuals of the state’s human resources at par with the national level as well as international level so that they may become a perfect global citizen of the new world order.

The Council’s main functions are Curriculum development, preparation and printing of Text Books, development of Evaluation Techniques and Examination reforms and conduct of both the Class XI and Higher Secondary Examinations after completion of courses of studies of Class XI and Class XII in the state.