Council Of Higher Secondary Education,


Introduction of Grading System

With the introduction of CCE in Classes XI and XII, the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur introduced Grading system effective from the session, 2011-12 in Class XI and 2012-13 in Class XII. The details are as follows


  1. Assessment of Theory/Practical papers in all subjects shall be in numerical scores. In the final results, the Council shall indicate Grades along with grade points in the Marks Sheets (statement of subjectwise performance) issued to the candidates.

  2. The Council shall use Letter Grades on a 9(nine)-point scale for both the Class XI and Higher Secondary Examinations of the Council as given below:

  3. Mark Range Grade Grade Point
    91-100 A1 10.0
    81-90 A2 9.0
    71-80 B1 8.0
    61-70 B2 7.0
    51-60 C1 6.0
    41-50 C2 5.0
    33-40 D 4.0
    21-32 E1 -
    00-20 E2 -

  4. For qualifying in the above examinations, a student should get grade ā€œDā€ (grade point-4.0) at the minimum in all the 5(five) subjects (excluding 4th elective subject) he/she appeared.

  5. A candidate who gets minimum qualifying grade in three subjects shall be allowed for his/her grade improvement in two remaining subjects in the Higher Secondary Improvement Examination to be conducted within 2(two) months from the date of announcement of results of that year.

    If such a candidate could not get the qualifying grade/clear the examination, he/she shall be given one more chance for improvement of grade in the subject(s) in the main Higher Secondary Examination of the following year.

  6. A candidate will get the qualifying certificate only after he/she clearthe examination with grade ā€“ D or above in all the 5(five) subjects, i.e English, MIL/Alt. English and 3(three) elective subjects. He/She will get the chance of replacing one of his/her elective subject ( out of three ) with the 4th elective subject for getting cleared the examination/the qualifying certificate.

  7. The Council shall indicate numerical marks, corresponding grades and the grade points(GP) in the marks statement (Statement of subject-wise performance cum-certificate of school based Evaluation) for both Class XI and Higher Secondary Examination of the Council. The format of Marks statement can be seen to this link. (Marks statement)